Kotlin Higher Order Functions

Working through some back end Firestore code last week, and wanted to create a single query interface to my repository.  The Firestore query interface doesn’t have a single query method, but rather a number of different query methods on a CollectionReference such ‘whereGreaterThan’ or ‘whereEqualTo’.  Each of these CollectionReference query methods have the same signature, […]

Kotlin typealias

Type alias allows you to create an alias for any Type.  Why would we want to create another name for Int or String?  Its all about readability  Consider that you are storing a time, or a currency amount?  In java days we would store them: String amount = 250 Int elapsedTime = 120 How do […]

Mobile app Magic

At Seventh Beam , MAGIC , can happen everywhere and anywhere and to the clients that entrust us to bring their mobile app vision to life we always extend an open invitation to come and regularly meet face to face with their team.. Yes THEIR mobile app development team!! Each and every one of our […]

Sharing what you love

I love where our office is, smack in the middle of Fitzroy.  I love the range of cafes, bars and restaurants, but the key, as with most things, is the people. Coming out of the office last week, I saw a note attached to the handlebars of my bike.  I assumed it was either a […]