3 pigs

The chicken and the pig

We were recently involved in some articles in the Age about mobile app development and custom mobile apps, and in the lead up to the articles being published we had a bit of fun with a daily count-down on social media, using different imagery and messages each day. On t minus 3 we used the following […]

Letting the Machines Drive

At Seventh Beam we’re always trying to keep across the latest technological advances, making sure we understand the potential applications.  This is a part of the job that I love and is something I’d be doing anyway, so when I heard about La Trobe Uni’s Autonobus self driving shuttle trial I had to give it […]

IoT Build Indicator

If you want to build a solid maintainable app, you need to have a repeatable build and automated testing.  All our projects are run with automated tools. The point of the automated tools is letting everyone know when something goes wrong, so that it can be fixed as early as possible and ensure that critical […]