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6 years!

We crossed the 6 year anniversary in July, and it’s taken me 5 weeks to post our “happy birthday” post… yes, it’s that hectic.

We’ve had some huge successes with our clients this year, with more to come soon – we have a few exciting new launches imminent in the fintech space, the ESPN FootyTips apps on iOS and Android has been a huge hit. We managed to get featured in the Age twice, and we continue to work closely with a number of our long-term partners keeping their apps improving and innovating.

The next 12 months will be just as exciting – new members are joining our team to help meet the increased demand, and we’re working with more companies than ever to deliver best of breed mobile apps and thought leadership in the app space.

…and don’t think we’ve forgotten our yearly birthday bash – details will be forthcoming shortly 😊


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