Is your app your business?

Just watching the 2017 Ashes between Australia and England and an ad for Domain Real Estate came on during the tea break. The interesting thing was the ad only showed their app. No web site, no phone number, no store, just get it from the app store. So for practical purposes, Domain is an app which makes sense as most of their customers will only interact with Domain via the app.

Domain doesn’t have a “store-front” to visit with the vast majority of users never calling their office and the features (including navigation, reminders, calendar integration) and always-accessible nature of the app make it an obvious first-use option over a desktop web solution. This is one of the key use cases we consider when helping a company decide if they require a mobile app and the level of effort to expend compared to other customer engagement strategies.

  • Should they wrap their web site and call it a day?
  • Pick a cross platform tool and live with the compromises?
  • Or take full advantage of each platform and provide a native experience.


If your app is your business as far as your customers are concerned and you want customers coming back and spending time in your app then you have to give them the best user experience possible. Fail at that point and the risk is loyalty erosion.


A little closer to home, Sportsbet caused a bit of a stir earlier this year with a series of Ads featuring Ben Johnson and poking fun at his history of performance enhancing drugs. 

The interesting thing was this was a massive series of ads focused on not just an app but specifically the Android app. Having been involved in the production of the Android app from some of the initial architecture decisions through to launch, we can tell you Sportsbet takes their apps very seriously and they do this on the back of numbers. Their mobile apps are their betting shops for a majority of their customers so they want to make that experience one that customers will come back to.

If the way you interact with your customers is an app, that app is your business from the customers point of view.


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