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I love where our office is, smack in the middle of Fitzroy.  I love the range of cafes, bars and restaurants, but the key, as with most things, is the people.

Coming out of the office last week, I saw a note attached to the handlebars of my bike.  I assumed it was either a grumpy note, or more likely, a piece of physical spam.  Instead it was this amazing drawing.  What a great way to end the work day, and it got me thinking about an article Danny Gambaro , our Head of Sales and Marketing, wrote recently,

Remove Fear

This is a great example of someone with  talent and passion, doing something they love, but not hiding it or hoarding it out of fear, being open with the world and sharing what they do.

It’s something we strive for at Seventh Beam;

All our team love what they do and we encourage honesty, openess and sharing.  A great example of this the other week was Steve Baker ,our CEO/ Co Founder, presenting a technical overview and summary for a large retail customer.  He was asked about providing a similar report to a different department.  Instead of booking the job, he recommended the customer wait for the first report, review it and see if they could use the learning from that report.  He shared what he did without fear of losing a few dollars revenue.   We’ve built a stronger relationship with that customer and now one that is now built on trust and openness.  We’re lucky to have a team of guys that love technology, really love to build great stuff and live and breathe our culture.

Do what you love, remove the fear, and share what you do to make a difference


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