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Bikram Bora

Bikram has been part of the Seventh Beam team through many changes both in his professional career and the growth of our company. Joining us as a casual while still at uni back when Seventh Beam consisted of 4 full timers, Bikram rapidly proved he was a great communicator with both clients and colleagues. Bikram can quickly and confidently get across new technologies, and has displayed a consistently positive attitude since we first met him. We snapped him up for a full-time role once his uni studies were completed, and he’s been working on some amazing client engagements for the duration. Unfortunately for us Bikram has accepted an opportunity to become an Associate Solutions Architect at Amazon – and while we are sad to see him leave the Seventh Beam family we asked him to put together some words on his time with Seventh Beam.

Seventh Beam Team - Breakout RoomsI’ve had a phenomenal time working at Seventh Beam. It’s been great to be a part of its growth and successes. Everyone here has a great time creating, testing and essentially living software.  Our engrossing lunch conversations about software and tech news have always been something I’ve eagerly looked forward too.  I’ve made a lot of very good friends here and it is an extremely inclusive and vibrant workplace. Jeff and Steve are very hands on Directors, extremely approachable and super funny. They have a powerful mix of deep technical knowhow and strong business acumen.


Recently  we had to work very closely with the backend team of another company. There was a significant sense of shared ownership within the group and very good rapport between everyone. With each agile sprint as our app made progress so did our shared pool of pop culture references and inside jokes, it was an absolute blast! I really enjoyed the experience. . This meant that everyone constantly had the bigger picture in mind, even while working on the minutest of details, and thus led to a great end outcome.

Our annual office parties have also been very unique. We’ve had gone to Lawn Bowls and Mystery Rooms and  one which stands out clearly is the trip to Zero Latency which is a group VR Shooter Experience and was awesome! Full credit to the directors for coming up with new and exciting team building experiences every single time.

Bikram Bora wearing Google GlassSeventh Beam are always on the cutting edge of tech and have encouraged me to do the same. From having one of the first Google Glass units in Australia, building a Google Home bot which responds to “When’s the next tram”, a 3D printer which gets used regularly for creating drone parts and having a HTC Vive in the office which people can jump into when they want to let off some steam, I have severely enjoyed this culture of technical exploration which permeates throughout the company.

They’ve always enabled me to dive into new technologies, trusting that I will be able to navigate my way through and emerge having learnt a lot and enjoyed the whole way. The same applies to when I was learning the ropes on Jenkins CI (Continuous Integration Tool) which blossomed into us having an elaborate but robust git workflow and app delivery pipeline. This meant that clients could get weekly builds automatically installed on their phones at the end of each dev sprint. This lead to extreme transparency for clients to observe how their app development was progressing.

Seventh Beam’s dedication to quality of execution and product delivery is exceptional and they are willing to take the journey with clients from amazing idea to equally amazing product. This level of “Customer Obsession” is a valuable trait which I’ve learnt during my time here and will be carrying forward to my adventures at Amazon.

Bikram Bora's Birthday Celebration in the OfficeBikram has worked on many of our most successful client engagements – from initial work with back-end systems and POS integrations, through to cutting his iOS teeth working alongside a senior developer on the iOS Boost App, through to the Mobile Foxtel app. Most recently undertaking a major ground-up iOS build for a client which is about to be released (stay tuned….)

We’re sad to see him go, but we wish him all the best in this new opportunity – we have no doubts he will bring the same drive, determination and hunger for knowledge to this new role. And we will be hitting him up for some discounted AWS hosting in the near future 😉


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