Rocket Science

Solar energy – Prices are moving downward fast and companies like Solar Reserve are leading the way. “Yes, It Is Rocket Science”

“Its always exciting to see a company see a need and fulfil it. Here a company is changing the way concentrated solar plants operate by using Molten Salt rather than Steam. Molten Salt can be stored and reused once cooled. This storage can last 10 hours, well into the night after the sun has gone down. With one of these CSPs being built in South Australia to meet their ever-growing power needs, this technology could be the basis for new power plants and storage. It makes me wonder other needs are waiting out there for us to find and fulfill.”

We love companies that demonstrate thought leadership and challenge the way we think. In this case Solar Reserve are challenging every aspect of Solar Tech. Seventh Beam have no connections in any shape or form with Solar Reserve but clearly their values align closely to the Seventh Beam heartbeat.15ty

Remove the Fear and Change the way we think!


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