Santa and the CFA

A few years ago I moved from the inner suburbs out to Warrandyte. One of the great things about Warrandyte is the sense of community there, and one of the central components of the community is the CFA. Warrandyte is a beautiful place, surrounded by the bush, but living in the trees brings the risk of Bushfires. The CFA in Victoria is one of our key defences against bushfire in the state, and is a volunteer organisation, with deep ties to the community.

Every year as a way to say thanks to the local community, our Brigade, (as do many others) run a Santa Run in the lead up to Christmas. They get Santa to drop into town and give him a lift around the neighbourhood on a firetruck so that he can visit everyone in town and share a few goodies with the local kids. The Warrandyte Community Bank sponsor the goodies that Santa gives out to all the kids. Our young kids love to see Santa and the Firetrucks every year, but it can be a long day standing out the front on a hot December day waiting for the Sirens and the truck to approach.

This where the tech comes in. I’d been giving it some thought since last year, and wanted a Flutter project to try out, so we came up with the Santa Tracker! It’s a simple app that allows parents to see where Santa is on the day, making sure they don’t miss him. Flutter was the perfect platform for this app, and more and more we are seeing it as a really viable platform. We’re building more and more on Flutter, moving over into web and even desktop, and it keeps going from strength to strength.

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