3 pigs

The chicken and the pig

We were recently involved in some articles in the Age about mobile app development and custom mobile apps, and in the lead up to the articles being published we had a bit of fun with a daily count-down on social media, using different imagery and messages each day. On t minus 3 we used the following graphic;

3 days countdown age newspaper

Obviously the 3 little pigs/3 days to go was the initial connection and imagery, but there was another deeper meaning to the use of pigs in the image.

20 years ago (don’t say it…) I worked for a manager who explained to me the parable of the chicken and the pig.

In a bacon and eggs breakfast, are you a chicken or a pig? The chicken is involved in the breakfast, the pig is committed….

It breaks down under a more thorough analysis – what parable doesn’t? – but I love the fundamental message. How committed are you to change? To getting the best outcome? To delivering what needs to be done?


Here at Seventh Beam, we are all proud pigs.


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