ESPN FootyTips


The Challenge

The existing FootyTips app on iOS and Android was a slow and clunky web-wrapped version of the mobile website. Users were becoming increasingly frustrated with their mobile experience, and as social tipping continued to be increasingly competitive ESPN decided it was time to give their users the positive tipping experience they deserve. Additionally, the back-end services running the FootyTips platform were tightly coupled with the website and required significant work to expose the information needed to build a mobile application in a secure and robust way.

The Solution

We engaged with ESPN to undertake a native rebuild of both the iOS and Android applications ready for launch prior to the 2018 NRL season. We worked closely with the ESPN team as they built a restful API platform to support the applications we built. All while we provided guidance on best practices for mobile-friendly API requirements.


This project saw us build fast and intuitive native applications for both iOS and Android.  Both applications were designed using common UI concepts executed to ensure the best experience on each platform by leveraging the standard interactions each platform has. The applications launched in February 2018, and immediately saw an increase in customer engagement. During round one of the 2018 NRL season, over 50% of all tips were submitted via the new mobile applications, the first time this had ever happened. In addition to an incredible first week, ESPN observed customers tipping via the mobile app increased by 14.7% year on year.  

Continued Services

Our ongoing engagement sees us providing frequent updates and new features to the application in order to continue to provide superior functionality. Additionally, we have remained engaged with the ESPN product owners to provide guidance and input into the application design and prioritisation of new features. By leveraging our deep understanding of the mobile space we have been able to ensure the continued success of the ESPNfootytips mobile applications.