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The Challenge

Provide punters with the best possible experience on Android devices. 

Sportsbet operates in a competitive and rapidly evolving space. Their existing web-wrapped application was no longer providing their 1.2 million active customers with exception experience they wanted. It was essential Sportbet could provide punters with an easy to use and highly responsive mobile betting process. Thus,  we worked with Sportsbet as they invested in a native Android application built to optimise user experience.  

The Solution

Seventh Beam built a greenfield native Android application to improve customer experience on Android devices.  For 18 months we co-located with the Sportsbet team to provide the expertise required to build a greenfield mobile platform.

We stayed involved with key stakeholders throughout the delivery process, and by sharing offices we were able to provide support every step of the way. We not only created a great product, but ensured Sportsbet completed the project with the knowledge needed to maintain and build on the final product.


Sportsbet now has an extremely solid foundation to continue to build on, allowing new features to be added with higher level of confidence, in shorter times due to:

  • Clearly defined architecture, allowing for components to be reused and configured easily when adding new features
  • Ability to run a complete automated regression testing in a matter of hours not days
  • Live application monitoring, allowing for issues to be found and resolved quickly.


The application launched in late 2016 and has received great user feedback. The improved user experience and performance of the native Android application was a significant shift for punters from the previous mobile site. 

By listening to customer feedback, Sportsbet were able to ensure the new application resolved key pressure points. During the 2017 Melbourne Cup the application successfully handled up to 850 bets and 12.5k transactions per second.