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App refresh

Faced with a sluggish and frustrating web-wrapped version of their FootyTips app, ESPN sought a transformative solution as social tipping grew more competitive. Recognising the need for a complete overhaul, ESPN engaged Seventh Beam to spearhead the native rebuild for iOS and Android, setting the stage for a revolutionary tipping experience.





Create a tipping comp in seconds



Invite family, friends and get your tips in



Experience game results in real time



A  race against time

The sluggish and frustrating FootyTips app on iOS and Android, a web-wrapped version of the mobile site, led to growing user frustration. With social tipping intensifying, ESPN recognised the need for a positive user experience.

Moreover, tightly coupled back-end services demanded substantial efforts to securely expose information for mobile app development. A rethink and refresh were imperative.



team work – more than just a nice word

ESPN engaged the Seventh Beam team to undertake a native rebuild of both the iOS and Android applications ready for launch prior to the 2018 season.

We worked closely with the ESPN team as they built a restful API platform to support the applications we built. All while we provided guidance on best practices for mobile-friendly API requirements.

“Easy to use, great layout and overall awesome”

“Easy to use, great layout and overall awesome”

Google App User - March 19, 2021



Cross Platform Excellence

Crafted swift and user-friendly native iOS and Android applications, employing platform-specific UI principles for an optimal user experience.

Game Changing Impact

Launched early 2018, the app has revolutionised ESPN’s customer engagement. During the inaugural week of the 2018 NRL season, over half of all tips were submitted via the new mobile platforms, a historic achievement.

Sustained Growth

ESPN witnessed a remarkable 14.7% year-on-year increase in customer tip submissions through the mobile app, attesting to its enduring popularity and impact on user participation.