Starting with a clear mission, the team at Vault Payments Solutions set about building a digital payments solution to deliver instant branded rewards to consumers’ devices, delivering revolutionary solutions to boost engagement at events, deliver instant cash back programs, manage payments for insurance and market research, issue gift cards and more.





Mobile app for cardholders to receive and use digital payment cards.



Management Console for creating and managing digital payment cards.



An SDK and API to allow custom use cases.



From Vision to Reality

Vault Payment Solutions envisioned a revolutionary digital payment platform, but lacked the technical expertise to bring it to life. They needed a full-stack solution, encompassing:

Consumer App: An intuitive mobile app for seamless digital card management by recipients.

Enterprise Portal: A robust management console for Vault’s customers to create cards, define spending rules, and manage operations.

Business Engine: A powerful backend system to track card lifecycles, generate detailed financial reports, and empower efficient business management.

Crucial Considerations

Security & Privacy: Ensure the safety and privacy of all users.

Reliability & Scalability: Deliver a solution that functions flawlessly from launch and readily adapts to future growth.

The Objective: Partner with Vault Payment Solutions to build a secure, scalable, and user-friendly digital payment platform – the cornerstone of their future success.



Vault Management Platform

The solution built for Vault empowers Vaults customers to seamlessly integrate digital payments into their offerings through four key components:

  • Intuitive Mobile App: We crafted a user-friendly mobile app that allows recipients to effortlessly access and manage their digital payment cards. Recipients simply click a link (delivered via Email, SMS, or QR Code) and follow a few quick steps to activate their card within their phone’s wallet.

Powerful Management Console: Vaults customers have complete control through our robust management console. This console enables them to create digital payment cards for their customers, defining spend profiles, expiry dates, and card values to perfectly suit diverse use cases.

  • Comprehensive Management Engine: The heart of the solution, our management engine meticulously tracks the lifecycle of each digital card. This ensures detailed financial reporting and provides Vaults customers with valuable insights for informed decision-making.

  • Flexible SDK and API: For deeper integration, we’ve developed a robust SDK and API. This empowers Vaults customers to integrate Vault functionality directly into their existing solutions, offering a seamless experience for their own user base.



Effortless Card Delivery and Streamlined Card Management

Delivers digital cards conveniently via Email, SMS, or QR Code. Enables users to manage card values, spend profiles, and expiry dates with ease.

Detailed Financial Reporting

Gain valuable insights with comprehensive lifecycle tracking and reporting.

Elevated User Experience with Flexible Integration

Offers a seamless digital payment experience for users by integrating Vault functionality directly into their existing solutions (via SDK and API)