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6 years!

We crossed the 6 year anniversary in July, and it’s taken me 5 weeks to post our “happy birthday” post… yes, it’s that hectic. We’ve had some huge successes with our clients this year, with more to come soon – we have a few exciting new launches imminent in the fintech space, the ESPN FootyTips […]

Letting the Machines Drive

At Seventh Beam we’re always trying to keep across the latest technological advances, making sure we understand the potential applications.  This is a part of the job that I love and is something I’d be doing anyway, so when I heard about La Trobe Uni’s Autonobus self driving shuttle trial I had to give it […]

Remove the Fear

How do we remove fear within organisations or influence the fear culture in your workplace. What am I talking about? We are seeing more and more sharing of knowledge / experience and ideas in the market place. I don’t mean sharing key secrets more that we are seeing companies/ people breaking down the Fear barrier […]

Filler up!

Since the invention of the mobile phone it has not been welcome at the petrol station. However BP and Caltex are looking to change that with their mobile apps enabling users to pay for their fuel without leaving their car and with 7/11 driving people to their bowsers based on price sensitivity and value offers. […]